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Well this is the 3rd time that this problem has happened to me. Is there anyone working on the problem? I know I am not the only one with this problem. This is getting tiring already. If this problem cant be fixed, will I be able to get a refund for the game and the DLC I have bought? There is no sense playing the game if it just keeps giving me this issue

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Hello, it's a known issue we're investigating. We're doing our best to release shortly an update fixing the issue. Have a nice day!

Hi, any ETA about that fix, we have a league member suffering this issue too we are just wondering if we would have to wait a long time. Thank you!

Focus Team

The team is still working on it and making good progress but no ETA for the moment.

About your league member, if he doesn't really care about his solo league progression he can delete his saves (he will not lose his teams) and he should be able to access again to the game.

@focus_guillaume : Hi Guillaume thank you for the reply, however I'm not sure what do you mean by deleting his saves. I mean does he have to delete manually some files in his profile or has de to do it ingame? Could you precise please? Thanks

Forgot that detail sorry he's on PC don't know on which windows version exactly.

i have already tried that without any succes.

Hi, I'm having the same issues. Trying to connect to servers and create an account/login on PC. Have been trying for about 3 days now with no luck.

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On PC to delete your local saves:

  1. Put Steam in offline mode to avoid issue with the cloud
  2. Go to Documents/BloodBowl2 and delete the "Profiles" folder
  3. Go back in online mode
  4. If Steam is asking about cloud files, choose to keep the local files instead

I have the same problem but playing on PS4.
I'm playing the eternal league so if I delete all my saved games I will have to start all over again?

Hi Focus team still no ETA for a fix about this issue?

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@cadaric said in Problem creating or accessing profile:

Hi Focus team still no ETA for a fix about this issue?

We've found a way to reproduce the issue (a crucial step in the development of a fix). We don't have an ETA yet but the most difficult is done and an update should arrive soon.

Any good news to share soon about this issue?

This has just happened to me on a PS4 pro and I'm not impressed at all! The game continually crashing is one thing but this is a way larger issue. No idea how to correct this issue. I've spent ages playing campaign, then solo leagues to test teams out and learn the game. I've earned loads of cans. I don't wish to lose anything at all. Especially as it may just happen all over again. Two friends have also bought this game with a view to more of us getting it to create a league. As it stands now if this isn't fixed asap I will be demanding my money back. This will lead to my friends doing the same and everybody else being advised to steer well clear as the game is broken! Not happy, not at all. Very very poor quality. Whatever happened to play testing before release? This is like a beta...

Yep a Beta that cost ÂŁ40, cant believe this still isn't fixed

I have to echo the sentiments of others. We paid a significant amount of money for this game, and what was advertised has not been delivered, and it is taking way too long to fix. If there isn't a significant attempt to make right with customers after the fix, it will reflect very badly. Hopefully you are at least not taking new customers' money while this is being sorted out.

If it was easy to fix, they'd have fixed it already. So I am guessing it required big changes and/or testing. It was mentioend that a patch fixing this is coming this month, so maybe we should remain patient a little bit longer?

At least they're communicating and working on the issue, which is much better than EA who've crapped the online side of their NHL game, it's almost unplayable. And they haven't said anything or even acknowledged the issue even exists. I know EA is a poor comparison, but anyways. 😕

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A quick update about the stability update: the update is built and we're currently testing it on PS4 and Xbox One. We detected some performance issues and are currently evaluating if it can be adjusted quickly.

We still aim at a December release, meaning a very close deadline because Sony and Microsoft are in hollidays the last week of the year (and we need their approval on the updates before it goes live).

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