MudRunner First Update

Hi everyone,

It's been a week since MudRunner came out, and we continue to work on dealing with some of the issues that are still around in the game.

Updates are out now on all platforms, with the patch notes for each platform listed below.

Here are the main fixes:


  • Fixed the steering wheel / mouse cursor bug. (You can now use a steering wheel and mouse at the same time.)
  • Fixed the ".stg mismatch" issue in multiplayer
  • If a game was played with mods, and the mods were later uninstalled, the "continue" trucks panel will now properly display the text "missing mod" and "???" instead of the truck name.
  • Fixed some crashes caused by mods.
  • Mods are now properly updated while the game is running.
  • Mods that contain only add-ons will no longer be available in multiplayer games
  • When you rescue a vehicle with a trailer, the trailer will now be rescued properly as well.
  • C-260 can now be used with long log trailer.
  • Minor UI fixes.


  • Game performance Improvements.
  • “Constant 30 FPS” option available.
  • Minor localisation fixes.

Xbox One

  • Minor localisation fixes.

We'll give you more visibility on updates release date as soon as we can. Please continue to give us your feedback so that we can together continue to make MudRunner the best game it can be.

Many thanks!

Focus Home Interactive and Saber Interactive


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Perfect! (Asked for the detail in you other post, and then found this)
Nice list of minor tweaks, looking forward to more news about the larger update to come.

Great work!!

Gone: that infernal hand twitching! Very nice. Enjoying the heck out of this game, keep up the good work.

Thanks for the update

That's dedication for you folks. Thank you for the efforts and support !!

Ok, you did at least something. By the way, the game tests should take place 3 months before release, many things could have been repaired much earlier 😕

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@iyagovos any idea if the braking with force accel (cruise control) turned on is fixed or not? so far all the bigger trucks can not brake with it turned on.

@iyagovos said in Spintires: MudRunner Update - 09/11/2017:

  • Mods that contain only add-ons will not longer be available in multiplayer games
  • When you rescue a vehicle with a trailer, the trailer is now removed.

I don't understand these changes. Isn't the obsolete behaviour that which the player would want? Or does "removed" stand for "disconnected"?

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Will the ve any news on console mods anytime soon?

That totally didn't change anything in multiplayer as still I can see only maybe one lobby every 15 minutes. I think that ping restrictions in this case are too high or ... I don't know what, because otherwise I can't get how for so many people playing on steam I see ONE lobby.

getting runtime errors now ?

Управление на клавиатуре с подключённым рулевым колесом Logitech G27 по прежнему не удобное, в 03.03.2016 версии было самое удобное. Особенно сложно настраивать модификацию когда происходит потеря управления... Надеюсь поправите.

@mendel Hi there!

We've clarified the second point now. The trailer is removed from the field, and properly rescued with the truck.

I was getting runtime errors all over the place prior to the update. Uninstalling ALL of the Visual C++ runtimes then reinstalling the redist from the game as well as the 2017 redist from MS website seems to have resolved...
Now just straight up crashing, working on checking out the dump files now...

i hope its sorted soon games a real let down i was hyped for this and its just the same problems as old one .. 😞

Agreed... Makes me sad and frustrated, had such high hopes I even threw a bunch of friends in front of the hype train...
I can almost run the first 45min of Blackwater Canyon blindfolded because I've had the game crash and corrupt my savefile so often...
I'm not even getting any crashdumps in the Mudrunner folder now, so I can't tell if it's a continuing issue or new problem...
Less than 2 weeks in and already an update though, so I'm not giving up on it just yet...
That's at least more than we ever really got out of a previous publisher, who shall remain nameless... o0/3e...

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Aguardando suporte para volante g29 no PS4. Muito triste jogar pelo controlador.