Unable to Confirm the Round in private league

I have an 8 man round robin league with 7 human teams and 1 AI.

We intend to run the AI match as a bye and aware the human team a 2-1 win. I'm receiving an UNHANDLEDERROR exception every time I try to validate the match result or confirm the round however, and I've just noticed that the human team involved has been gaining SPP and gold from every unsuccessful attempt to process the match also.

I am stuck being unable to validate the result, and also have an issue where the previously rookie team has amassed a heap of gold and SPP that I need to be removed.

League: Ladbowl
Competition: Ladbowl Premier Division
Team: This is Norsca!!

Thanks in advance.


Focus Team

Indeed it seems there is an issue on the competition, I'm checking with Cyanide.

Did you use the advancement management or did you just set the victory for the human player?

Focus Team

Something seems wrong with the game server...
I've had the same issue on my side when I'm trying to validate an AI vs AI match

Focus Team

Hello again, the issue is resolved, however we can't revert your teams.
Since you're in the first day of the competition, it should be easier for you to replace the 2 teams, sorry for that.

Thanks a lot for the warning!

Beautiful. Thanks for the speedy fix. 🙂

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