Genuine Disconnects - Post details of your problem here.

Hi All,

I know Cyanide are aware of the current disconnect/freezing issues but I thought I'd create a post to keep it all together and to understand the extent of the issue.

If you have had a disconnect or game freeze please post here with as much detail as possible. (Wired/wireless, turn, any specific time ie pre-game, at kick off etc)

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I have had one game where I disconnected from the server because XBox Live went down on my console for a minute or so. Got rebooted and back into the program in time to not see the game on the schedule tab at first, and have it show up about a minute or so later as a concede.

I had the game crash after a fairly complicated turn 16 beastman touchdown. I don't remember for sure, I think it would have been a game ender, but, it is possible I would have to kick off once more. It crashed during the touchdown celebration. The beastman yelling and dancing and he looks at the screen and durdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdur, and desktop.

I had a game crash during the first half of a game. I don't remember the team or specifics, but the typical Xbox crash I described above, that happens on many different games on Xbox, but the durdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdurdur, and then desktop.

I had a game that failed to load after the inducements screen. Not the above, it just stayed on the pre match loading screen until my opponent asked if I had conceded. This was an FABBL premiership game, not on the CCL, so we had an admin reset it.

Hope any of this helps. Unfortunately, at least the two CTD instances I've had do happen on other games on my Xbox, Skyrim/Fallout4/Witcher3/XCOM/XCOM2, among others. Almost identical. The durdurdur noise for about 8-10 seconds, then silence, then briefly black screen then desktop.

Just had another bug glitch kick our concede. Jones daveys locker against cmdr slackers Nurgle decimator.
I was 1-0 up, just gone half time, rolled the blitz, wizard in the pocket and Boom. Black screen and back to dashboard. This really needs fixing if you're looking to run cash competitions using the ladder format with heavy penalties for losses and kickers for number of concedes.

Just had my final one against blade.
1-1 mid way through the 2nd half. He fouls me. Screen froze. Back to dash board. Conceded.
So 4 genuine DCs this season. I'm hard resetting after every game. Load of rubbish 😂

Just had 1st disconnect/game crash.
Spun for game and got matched got to inducement phase but game wouldn’t let me advance or select anything. Was stuck on screen for approx 30 seconds then game crashed.
Wired setup.

Just realised Xbox was downloading big update to another game in the background so probably didn’t help!

Third game into champs season 12 and just had my game crash on turn 13 this is absolutely unacceptable now! I had to stop playing in season 11 because I had five crashes in 47 games total, How can we have a competition when we are having all these crash issues. Guess I will just move to the PC. All of my game crashes have been from the game freezing in the middle of the turn and making some random noise then punted to the dashboard none have been from losing connection to the server.

Greetings Ronaldbeanio, and thank you for this thread,

After writing-up a sports-blog of sorts the other day, my compatriot suggested that I share our disconnection experiences here:

". . . Our only negative play experience (NPE) thus-far pertains to our W-D-L record (of course, hahaha). The Dark’rside Dreampirates are 8-0-3 and, as-of-writing, ranked #42 overall. Unfortunately, we have technically not lost any matches this season, those losses being Concessions born of connectivity issues. Our last game night was two disconnections back-to-back: a match dropped at halftime, and a match dropped at kickoff. This would not bother us (we are willing to simply play more matches to compensate for DCs), if it was not for the league’s concession rule, disqualifying any accounts with 5 concessions or more, in a single season. My manager and I are currently trying not to worry, and are taking our time in best-deciding how to approach internet/hardware connectivity in order to still compete, advance, and not be disqualified. We tried to salvage our game night, but it appeared that the Open Ladder was, hilariously, almost-exclusively populated with concessions/disconnections also. . ."

The sound/effects Thessiii shared, and the post GnomeslayerTrn1 shared, seem in-line with our own experiences as well.

Thank you again, and please let me know if there is anything else I can relay that would be useful.

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