Hi everyone,

Our hardcore action RPG The Surge is set to be enriched even further with the release of a major new expansion: A Walk in the Park, coming early December on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

In the run-up to release, we decided to present you some of the 16 all-new weapons, sets of armor, and implants to upgrade and further customize the way you want to play.

Today is the S&R Jackdaw!


The lightest-weight option in CREO's portfolio of high-tech rescue tools, the S&R Jackdaw is a crucial implement in (purely hypothetical) scenarios that involve structural collapse or fallen machinery.

The hydraulic gripping claw and tungsten circular saw enable trained operators to deconstruct and remove debris at maximum speed, an absolute necessity when lives are on the line.


As a twin-rig weapon, the S&R Jackdaw is a very fast and agile weapon that provides players with multiple mobility options, for that all-important positioning. Warren can obtain the S&R Jackdaw from some of the exoskeleton employees in CREO World, the amusement park built by CREO, where patrolling rescue teams have gone insane and deadly robotic mascots roam freely.

The Surge: Complete Edition and A Walk in the Park will be available December 5th on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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