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I've been struck by the level of negativity on this and the Steam forums, like I've never seen before on a sim. There's more than likely a majority of people like me who generally don't post, who are very happy. Developers and their producers need a little praise too, or this effort will probably fail like the last. And I don't want to see that.

So having said that, the mature among us could start by talking about what we like in this new version. And then offer one constructive criticism we'd hope to see improved.

I'll start out. According to Steam, I played the original for 116h, only stopped once this one was released. My initial impression was that I loved the new Challenges. The water dynamics were very different and caused me problems, but they felt more realistic and I enjoyed the challenge. From the old SpinTires, I've always enjoyed the thrill of trying to cross Flood. But the depth indicators on the map were a much welcomed surprise. I like to play Hardcore, so next on my list was the much improved shifter pattern. I intentionally play this as a sim, so I loved the addition of the in-car view. Among the surprise additions were the see-through features, like the fuel sloshing in the cistern. And even high grass getting caught in the wheel wells. I've always been a fan of attention to detail to improve immersion, very nice! My only original gripe was trying to use the steam overlay, and the mouse acting all crazy, and within a week, that is fixed. Clearly this isn't the old Spintires.

My only constructive criticism so far, is with a Logitech wheel/pedals. The old Spintires ramped up the gas pedal slower, and it seems as in real life (despite the name), you get better traction when you don't spin your tires when nearly stuck. On the PC Mudrunner, the pedal feels a lot more like an on/off switch now, and I'm having to use the transmission to limit it instead.

Please keep up the good work, I was very excited to see maybe this game isn't dead after all. Hope this thread will bring out the more mature among your customer base.

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I am consol player and have been after a game like this for years. I love it and can’t stop playing it. Keep up the good work.

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Thanks for the kind words! The forum is here to exchange about the game and report technical issues, as well as suggestions, meaning it's expected to read more issues than praises, but it's always nice to read positive comments 🙂

Have a nice day!

People generally don't have a reason to post if they're happy with the product, so posts are bound to have some sort of negative tone, but I don't think it's fair to call people immature for pointing out what they believe are flaws in the game. Of course, some people are just haters with nothing constructive to say. The history of Spintires has also left a sour taste in many people's mouths.

@meaniehookft said in Tell Me Something Good:

My only constructive criticism so far, is with a Logitech wheel/pedals. The old Spintires ramped up the gas pedal slower, and it seems as in real life (despite the name), you get better traction when you don't spin your tires when nearly stuck. On the PC Mudrunner, the pedal feels a lot more like an on/off switch now, and I'm having to use the transmission to limit it instead.

This is something I've definitely noticed. Glad I'm not the only one. On the one hand, as you say, sometimes the only way to get somewhere is to completely let go of the throttle. I don't know how it works IRL, though. And then also, it feels like once you rev up you can't rev down properly without letting go of the throttle. It's as though the axis curve is completely broken.


I've been wanting to make a post like this as well

Some things I noticed that I thought were cool (not sure if some of them were in the original; although you think I would have noticed after 900 hrs if they were :P)

  • maximum fuel amount when fueling other trucks and then fueling 100L @ a time (not sure how it works, but it's cool)
  • random trucks on the maps and different for each player
  • k700 loader ❤
  • music @ objective ❤
  • visiting grandma (haven't done this challenge yet, I like the name though hehe)
  • fuel spillage @ depot when filling truck (maybe in original? not sure)
  • "bugs" flying towards headlights! (not sure if this was in the original either, but a cool little detail)
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I really like Mudrunner. Towing a medium log trailer it now behaves really well when reversing. The graphics are good and it does what it says on the tin.

However, I definitely do not like the loopy GUI. The winch is awkward to use and really on a wrong button on the controller. Their are many situations where pressing X to end the winch would be far better than the present arrangement. The controller itself should have the possibility of user changes to the way it is set at default. The camera is just crazy and worse than Spintires original.

im happy bunny, like this gem

@lombra I wrote about It many times, the pedals seem to be ** too sensitve**. To start moving in a mud (unstuck yourself) you need to be pres it veeeeeery delicately, too delicately as for big old truck.

Sorry, I didn't mean to imply that everyone complaining was immature, I was only asking for the more mature people here to act like adults and give a compliment before a complaint.

Appreciate all you that contributed. I'm sad I didn't get to play today. But I will add, the first time I saw the new K-700, I literally cheesed. I have no idea if the big loader on the back will be useful, but it was the first thing I toyed with, and I've always enjoyed driving it in the deep water!

despite the hicccups, bugs and the normal release problems, i will have to say i am pretty happy with what they have done. there are many things improved that are quite nice, but there are few things missing or changed from the original that i do question. still though overall i like the new version and will be waiting to see where they go next with things.

@meaniehookft You don't have to praise first unless you're from a country of ever political corectness. In this case we know how it ends. People don't call things by their names anymore just not to hurt someone... I won't be praising something if I don't feel like it and it has nothing to do with maturity or education. (Unless we talk about crybabies rants).

Regarding that K700 it is way better than it used to be and loading with it after short wile is a pure pleasure. The control keys are awkward though, either they should be shared with crane keys or one should have the ability to rebind them.

I think the new game is better as well. I'm liking not having to use the mouse so much while using an Xbox 360 controller even tho he changed the button configuration again and have to get used to the new layout again.

I also feel the throttle needs work. I have to press almost all the way in to get the truck to move and there's not much play there. The old version had way more movement on the throttle and was able to finesse it better. Now it does almost feel like an off/on button.

I'm also liking the tire tracks being back. I just hope he makes it so we can create our own and am able to use them after uploaded to the workshop. As of now, the editor changes the name of the textures and make them useless.

I'm also REALLY liking the cockpit view. I drive in this a lot and really get the feel of being in a big rig. I've been hoping for this.

Thanks Pavel and Saber releasing the new game. I'm liking it a lot!!

Here’s something for you that I’ve said to my coop pals:

“After so many years of playing, I never thought I could have a new experience like this, I thought that only VR or holograms could provide a new experience, I was wrong.”

I’ve been playing since Spectrum, yeah I’m an old timer. I love everything about this game including the camera! Nah, forget about the camera.

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New things I like:

  • New trucc graphics
  • New map graphics
  • Fuel indicator (looks cool but not very useful tbh)
  • Depth indicators
  • Random truccs in the map (I love this and adds very much needed replayability, but needs to add mods to the random trucks)
  • Challenges

Things I could like but right now I dont:

  • Cruise control (cant turn camera, difficult to engage automatic)
  • K7000 loader (its hell)

You all are great, I appreciate the maturity of these posts, in contrast to the disaster of just complaints I saw when I first came to this forum. For me this is exactly the nitch game I was looking for when I originally found it, and I was going to be sad to see it die again. I've not found a better 4wd game (I'm definitely open to suggestion), much less the immersion of old Soviet vehicles. And my 5yo girl approves too, this is what she chooses to drive. 🙂

Many more hours into this game, and I'm really liking the in-cab view. You can't see shit, and that's exactly how it would be. 🙂 Obviously, have to keep switching to outside views to keep an eye on the tires to keep from getting stuck, but I find it fun to stay in the cab as much as possible.

I thought a lot of the complaints I initially saw were that the maps are the same. But Bog and Island seem new enough to me, I would have paid the $15 to get them as a map pack alone. I personally enjoy the exploring part the most, riding around in a little A-class, and these two at least have brought back that joy.

Would be nice if it were fixed long-term, but in the short-term, Lombra's suggestion has helped a lot to get back the low-throttle crawling. Although unrealistic as mistahk76 mentioned, completely letting off the gas and then just barely touching it seems to work in the meantime.

The trees breaking when you pull on them too hard is a nice new attention to detail too!

Another thing I'd appreciate as an in-cab improvement, is a bind key to look left/right. The Logitech wheels have the directional pad on the left, and commonly in driving games you can use that to quickly glance, rather than having to grab for the mouse. And I do find all the hatred for the mouse view to be amusing. It's DEFINITELY not intuitive, but if you've played for more than an hour, it's easy enough to get used to. 😉

Excited to try out the update. Something I didn't expect, and I didn't see in the patch notes, but the throttle seems fixed!! At least with my old Logitech wheel, you can finally feather the throttle again without having to let off of it completely. Very happy about that!

I like the leaning out window to look back at the trailer. I do this constantly with American Truck Sim and it seems very appropriate here.

And on a side note, still find it funny to watch those narrow train wheels on the garage trailer float on top of the mud... 🙂

Appreciate the update, the game as I play it works better today.

I've watch vids of this over the years and it's mods so was very happy to here it was coming to console.(ps4)

I enjoy drive and taking different roots on the map. Love the ground/mud physics and how the trucks get muddy n even cleaned by water too.

What I like to see changed is.

  1. Able to more camera while in cruise control.
  2. able to use a front winch on a tree while the back is towing another truck.
  3. add more gameplay than just logging

ok somthing good sarcasm but NETNUTRALITY DIED TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!! 😠

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