Best place to upload maps?


I have to be honest I am sick of wading through adverts and malware in order to download maps, only to discover that they are the wrong version or just complete crap.

Does anyone know where is a decent site that I can upload my map to?


Send the map to me at Every map we test is virus scanned before upload.

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@hazzard so nl will be uploading mud runner mods as well. very nice. one of the few places i have ever trusted. most others i have gotten mods from ended with a virus or just bad mods in general. i do not even want to get into the ones that upload ripped mods.

Never load a .exe! is the best place to go if hazzard can figure out the problem why the side is mostly not online. xD

Is there a Mudrunner section on the site, or is it all still strictly ST?

There are no mods to upload there yet, it's just the trucks in the workshop. I'm sure nobody is making ST maps anymore so mostly if not only MR stuff will be uploaded.

Exciting news for everyone is that I have just had the server moved. We should have the new server open to the public very soon!

@hazzard, That's good because it's been down a lot recently.

We are now on the new server. Go on and see just how quick it is 😉

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@hazzard very nice, seems much better now. thank you hazzard.