Suggestion: Separate default trucks from modded trucks

Simply that, leave the vanilla trucks in the screen they are, then put a small space below, and put all the modded ones there so they dont mix and you can tell them apart easily.

It would be nice if you could make a 3rd section but with certified mods.

Something like this:

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I like this idea, I'd like having them separated in the proving grounds too.
But IMO certified mods can be in the same space as vanilla.

Good idea, I want that too. 🙂 That would make the selection of the truck a lot easier.

+1, there should also be an optional alternative vehicles views, as a list or categorization for different car classes.

I like that too or just atleast alphabetize them all especially when in the one menu without images, the names aren't all scrambled.

Make the images way smaller if they are to be kept, and yes, you gotta keep 'em separated!

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i think maybe redundant since there is 3d image you cna tell which ones are modded

@deadwanderer said in Ideas to improve the game experience:

Some general suggestions:

  • Some thoughts about truck selection grid.
    --"Favorite mark" on right click in truck selection grid.
    After some prolonged online games in OldTires with random mods — these are piling up and finding specific truck/mod in list is quite bother either for me and for PC that lag to load all this stuff every time. Marked vehicles are appear in top of list sorted by star and then everything else.
    --"Filters" in "checkbox and refresh" style, checkboxes are to be saved all time. You choose filters, then button "refresh" is reload grid according to flags. Options may include - by balance points, favorites, (un)certified mods etc.

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