Doubling Bug at the summary screen after the game

Hi Cyanide,

so I encountered this bug twice today when I was streaming and playing in Champion ladder.
At the summary screen one of my lineman got a double stat-down from just one -ST down, so he was sitting at 1 ST after the first game with the team. Not a biggie, as I would have kicked him anyway.... 👢

After that I started a new team and my Ogre got 2 SPP from an inflicted CAS and the MVP for 5 points. But when the game ended, he suddenly sat on 14 SPP. Not that I'd mind that - but seeing as chat told me I was not the only one to have this bug, there might be teams out there silently capitalizing on this. I don't want to be banned for bug abusing, so I can't play the team further - but what about all those games in Champion ladder? This will distort the real consequences of many games and by that invalidate a huge amount of fair competition.

I can't seem to find the button to upload my games files, so how do I go on about this?

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Hi, we're aware of this issue and are investigating about it, based on the reports we received.

Could you give us the names of the coaches and teams of the game, as well as the date and hour? Thanks!

Coach wolfskin already mentioned this but "coaches could be silently abusing this", would playing a team that has had this anomaly occur to their benefit be considered exploiting this bug? For instance if this happens once to a team, I feel this could be considered a bug and outside of the exploiting gliches rule but what if by some freak accident this happens to a team two or more times in one season is this then exploiting a bug? I guess I'm asking if this occuring to our teams can get us banned from champions Competition Ladder(CCL) in any way, shape or form?

Sure, Netheos.

My Coachname: Wolfskin, Team Name: Awesome Audience.
Other Coach: Staerkodder, Team Name: 2D Huffing and Puffing
Date and Time would be 07/07/2017 Ending Time 14:20 CEST

Safest bet would be to not play the team?

I might add a game that took place before the aforementioned.

Team: Generic Skaven 3.cheese, Coach: Wolfskin
Team: Celestal Sword Coach: kokor

Date: 07/07/2017 Time: 11:32

You did not tell, if I can play with those teams, or not. I consider it to be a bug and it would be bug-abusing. So, if my teams keep getting this bug I will not be able to play Champion Ladder competetively at all.

Addendum: In a game yesterday in a private league I did not have the bug, the SPP were not doubled. Maybe it's Ladder specific.

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Cyanide think they have fixed it as of a couple of days ago.

Ok, dode, but my teams are not fixed. And if this happens to every team I build anew now I'm gonna be frustrated as hell for not being able to try to qualify at all. As one of my viewers poitned out I should probably be mre unaware, but I can't.

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As Dode said, it's been fixed last Friday. Given that it's a bug which can be done on purpose, we won't ban coaches who stumbled upon it. You can use your team.

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