Hello. I just completed a game on the Open Ladder against a team called Mathlaan's Mariners. After a scoreless first half, my opponent fumbled on a Go For It roll behind the line of scrimmage. My blitzing werewolf picked up the ball. Rather than attempt to pursue or blitz the wolf, my opponent immediately ended their next turn. I proceeded down the field with my full team, stopping just short of the end zone. Since my opponent made no attempt to stop me from scoring, I intended to hold the ball and score on Turn 16 to end the game. Since I was on defense in the second half, I should have the last turn.

My opponent repeatedly asked me if I would prefer he would concede. I told him I would prefer to play the game straight.

However, when my Turn 16 arrived, the game apparently glitched and ended immediately in a 0-0 draw, even though I only had to take one step to score. I had no opportunity to do anything before the game ended, and I was sure I had one more turn.

Is there a way to restore the SSP I missed out on and to fix the score for the records? Thanks.