Some thoughts on bridges in ST/MR.

In my opinion bridges are a very neglected part of the road infrastructure and I have the feeling there is not enough of them. While I understand that "it's all about that mud, bout that mud..." but seeing some more of them would be a nice idea. Fear not though I wouldn't like to see them as mere decorations. My ideas about them are as follow:

  • make them into difficult parts of the road leading to the objective (old players should remember a map added to ST at one point in time, it was a map with a long wooden bridge leading to the objective, it required some skills to drive it and was liked by many. It was removed as not being officially certified, the rumor has it that Pavel got really mad as it wasn't his map and he didn't wanted to see it in ST)

  • use them as block post and here I have two ideas:

A) make bridges on big rivers with barriers on both sides (like blocking posts) that would allow only unloaded trucks or maybe even only class A (or A/B) trucks to cross

😎 make weak wooden constructions which would allow again only A/B class trucks only. These bridges would collapse if someone wanted use any bigger truck. (I know synchronization for all players)

  • so finally It would be great if we had finally possibility of synchronized bridges, either as truck carried constructions or made of wood (logs)

I think an element as a bridge could add more flavor to the game so that before getting to place A we would need to make it possible or making the challenge of getting to the objective more difficult.

So what is your opinion?

why would pavel get mad at a mod. where do these strange rumors come from?

He's talking about a map which was added to the game by oovee. This map wasn't designed by pavel... it was called the pit I think. Correct me if I am wrong.

@dondumpster Yes, you are right. It appeared around xmas as a "present" and they they removed it. Later due to demand was made available as separate map you could download.

Now that you mention it, I've noticed as well that bridges are much, much less common in Mudrunner than they were in Spintires. Not sure why that is.

There was a mod for Spintires that made bridges collapse under too much weight (maybe you were already thinking of this). I would definitely be in favor of having something like this added to the game. It would fit right in with the blocking idea by creating limited paths that only some trucks could traverse.