ps4 issues and improvements list

ere is a list of PS4 issues i came across

1-multiplayer server list auto refreshes way to fast, you dont have a chance to see what server you want to join before it refreshes on you and you are back to top of the list. Disabling auto refresh would work fine

2-needs to be an option to refine multiplayer server list to exclude full servers. That way its easier for people to search and join games with room without being flooded by full servers.

3-camera needs to be fixed in many ways. needs to be able to zoom out more and have a better top down view.

4-cock pit view is fine but mirrors need to be function to be able to use the view a lot more effective.

5-steering on controller feels very slow to turn. adding controls to auto center steering would be very useful to have.

6- vehicle stats would be great. A lot of trucks look the same and there is not a way to tell the differences of the new trucks you unlocked. Adding this would help the players know the strengths and weaknesses for each truck so the player knows which be better for certain tasks at hand.

7-A mini map would be useful to have but can live without it i suppose.

8-having a description of items and other things such as "diff lock" in a menu would be helpful. letting people know what things do and when its the best time to have things turned on or off.

9-quick winch is awesome but we need a quick release also so we dont need to lose our speed when getting past an obstacle. having to stop and release then trying to get moving again can get you suck all over again. setting hold triangle to release would work just fine.

10- bonus opinion- having a hud on screen that shows weight being carried. so you have info on how much you weigh with a tanker full of gas or an empty one and how much you weigh with a log carrier or with a trailer being towed. It would be useful info to have.

i hope these things will be fixed or added

thank you for the awesome game other wise, really enjoying the challenges of trying to get unstuck at times.

Community Manager

Hi @patp7!

Thank you so much for these suggestions, we're certainly be looking over them.

We can't promise we'll implement all of these, but the suggestions are appreciated.

For point 8, for example, you can find descriptions of what diff lock does in the tutorial.

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