Kent's Tutorials-Videos and Maps

Here I will be posting the videos and mod progress here, and maybe some tutorials if asked for.

Here is a short and simple tutorial for the materials in the editor.
Youtube Video

and here is what I have of my map so far.
Youtube Video

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Here is the mountain section close to being ready.
Youtube Video

@kent_bobo, Thanks for the editor video. It'll come in handy.

No problem, I plan on making another one tomorrow.

map looks real good so far

Thanks, with how it went Yesterday it looks like I might release the map within the next 2 days!
I spent like 12 hours in the editor Yestarday with one eye on the TV with my GF 😛

thanks for taking time to make maps

Well Well Well, My map is pretty much done, I have no testers so I test it myself, Here is an early access link to it 😃 Valley.rar?dl=0

I will probably submit it to now, but that takes usually some days.
Enjoy what I can only tell is the first released custom map!

No custom models - Easy Install! Simply move the files from Media - Levels to Media.rar - Levels!

Edit I know of the typo Smuggelers - Smugglers!
Youtube Video

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Hey guys, been quite busy with life, here is a new video from my new map! It was supposed to be a short video (Skip to around 9min for the proper test.)
Youtube Video

Been keeping busy with the map.. I spent around 22 hours in the editor in 2 days and guess what.. It's ready.
A little tweak here and there and I'll be uploading it on the 24th!!
alt text

nice one dude now that looks impressive !

@kent_bobo, Looks good. Is that the Smugglers map?

Eagerly awaiting this! Those jumps you showed off look difficult.

Tutorials also helped a ton so thanks again.

@shuffy Thanks man

@Tattoo No the one I have already released is the smugglers valley.
This one is called Torfaera(Torfæra) but I might very well change the name before relishing it.

@Digital-X Thanks, those little ramps are quite fun!

I also added a lumber mill there and a log station for the kicks and giggles.. I'd love to see someone actually finish it!

I'd pay someone to try that haha. Wonder how far you can go in a straight line before failing?

Oh I did not mean I added it to the ramp section xD but that does sound like an awesome idea! I'll definently do it for my next map!

I've been a bit lost about where to upload everything, and then I have this thread.. I think I'll just stop creating new topics and post everything here.

My Torfaera map has been released
Download link is in the videos description.
Youtube Video

so you are now writing reviews for mods on NL? congrats on the new position, will be interested to see what kind of reviews we shall expect from you.

pulls out scrutineering magnifying glass lol

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