Suggestions for DLC contents

Hello guys!

I started this topic to start a list with ideas for future updates and/or DLC contents. I know that the game is very new and that there are technical issues that need to be fixed first but I think that the publisher appreciates good ideas and probably they will add some stuff that is often requested by the community.

  • new maps
  • new challenges (probably even challenges for the multiplayer mode; challenges that can be only done together with other players)
  • new trucks
  • add different seasons and seasonable weather
  • snow would be very nice (especially if the conditions on the road would change then as well)
  • different wheels (probably snow chains)
  • car radio
  • traffic (other trucks that even cross the road, probably you can help them or get help from them)
  • mod support for consoles if this is possible
  • animals
  • more trophies/achievements

I hope that some of these ideas will be updated or a part of a future DLC.


Id like to see see something with tank tracks for wheels lol tht be cool.

DLC with some lincensed or unlincensed trucks like the Silverado 2500/Colorado, Ram 1500, Ford F-250, Toyota Tundra/Tacoma would be awesome, BTW your idea for the advanced Seasons and weather is đź‘Ś.

@ThunderSnow68 I think some US trucks would be awesome as well (I'd really like to see a KW C500) but this is a Russian logging game so I think that can be left to the modders.

would agree things need to be fixed and addressed first, but one thing is for sure. it would be nice if all DLC's are free.

@8up-local said in Suggestions for DLC contents:

would agree things need to be fixed and addressed first, but one thing is for sure. it would be nice if all DLC's are free.

The first DLC will be free. That's really awesome. Have you alread seen the screenshots?

Well, I've writen my suggs looong time ago at Oovee forum, but I'll try again:)

  1. Weather
  • wind, rain, snow (if possible). All of it in different strength (like weak, medium, strong)
  1. Life
  • Everything: people, working at sawmills and garages, hunters, sometimes walking by the road (maybe asking you to give them a lift).
  1. Cockpits (implemented, but I hope for more realistic, not that digital look)
  2. Tracked vehicles, like bulldozers, and some new goals for them (i.e. clearing roads, destroyed by floods or forest fire)

given that sony won't allow new models or scripts as with FO4, console mods wouldn't get the PS4 anywhere, really. the best we can hope for is a MAP EDITOR, focus! as in Little Big Planet. and more or variants of existing vehicles. and everything else everyone here suggested. specially 1. and 2. from SinMike's list as that'd immensly raise replay value. €40 'lil steep as is, considering we can't mod. the game is long, but it has little content. one free map in 3 month just isn't enough imo.

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Campaign mode like any game out there.
Multiplayer is non existent in this game, servers are mostly abandoned as in 99.9% of the time and roaming around freely in a sandbox style is just a secondary option for players to roam around, and by no means the core.
This game is just an alpha, not even beta, lacking a lot of content for a game that asks retail price of 30.

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