How about a new update/dlc focus? (Not a bug fix)

Hi all, I'm currently on a Mordheim binge. Fun times. I got to thinking, since they are doing a Necromunda game, could we all try and persuade them in to adding a update/doc. One with more maps, color possibilities, warbands to play ect...

There be some things they could update along with it that would make it a little more enjoyable to. like when you have someone go down in a mission you can choose to pay fro them t be healed right then and there or you could decide to wait the amount of days listed for them to heal. just throwing stuff out there...if they ever get back to this game it though <3.

So glad to see so many new people enjoying the game! Welcome to Mordheim.

On that I need to disappoint you I'm afraid... Mordheim is no longer in development, here is a video explaining it:
(Shamelessly it is my own)
Youtube Video

We are, however, getting Necromunda instead! What is Necromunda you ask, and why should YOU care? It's Mordheim... in space... basically 😃

If you want more details, go to this video:
(Shamelessly again, it is my own)
Youtube Video

Quote from video; Keep on supporting the guys at rouge factory by buying DLC's for mordheim.

IDK this leaves a bit of a sour taste in my mouth, I played this game a lot over the summer and it just feels unfinished. Dont get me wrong there is a reason I played it a lot, but the game still feels like its unfinnished.

I would have liked to se a pach that made the game feel finished instead of adding DLC's for cash grabs on a system where the AI dont understand the basics of pathfinding.

I guess all I can do is to hope for the W40k game to be a good game that focus on having a solid foundation that they can expand on. Instead of setting the bar at playable before going for the DLC's grabs.

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