Game creates fake loses on Champ ladder leaderboard

My team's record is 12-1-2 (Berg's Publicity Squad). This is shown in the teams Statistics. However when you look on the Champ ladder Leaderboard it comes up as 12-1-3. This appears to have happened after a 4-0 win against Raging Rotters when, after scoring turn 16 the screen stayed black for a extra long time before loading to the end game screen and a note came up saying internal server error. I check my record worried the old fake concede bug was back, but the record was fine and the game was recorded as a 4-0 win. But then I check the Leaderboard and a fake additional 16th game has been added as a loss. This game has never happened, was never spun for, and doesn't exist anywhere but on the leaderboard for some reason.
Please rectify.
Thanks 🙂

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