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I get fixing bugs in the game and wheel support but do we really need stuff like working mirrors no one will use them all we want and ask for is console mods it would make more people buy the game and make it way more fun to play, now its boring after you complete it i dont really want to play anymore all we want is mods

People will defiantly use mirrors. You may not believe it but people do like first person view. I kinda use it myself, but I only use it on paved roads as I find it's easier to drive at high speed in first person. When I get back in the dirt though I pop my gears into Low 3, turn on 4X4 and go back into third person.

However my buddy basically plays in first person full time. On road, offroad, on trails, you name it. For guys like him more so then guys like me, working mirrors would be a huge addition.

And clear windshield textures....