Allow race-filtering on the leaderboard

Since in CCL, as I have just read in a post by dode, the competition is just inside races and not really between races, would it not make sense to have a filter on the leaderboard that displays only the ranking for a certain race. I know it can be done with goblinspy, but wouldn't it also be nice to have in-game?

Such filters are already implemented in other statistics pages (like I can query my history/statistics against certain races), so I don't see why it shouldn't be possible for the leaderboard. What you normally use the leaderboard for is to check what your team's placement on it is and what statistics the top teams have. If only the relation between teams of the same race is interesting, it's very tedious to find out what rank inside your race you have.

This is a good and reasonable request. It is especially annoying to find the best teams, which belong to the lower-tier-teams.

I know it is not a very satisfying solution for the problem, but if you want to look up the best teams of one race, you can use the goblinspy-database (, which includes a table for the teamranking and an option to filter for certain teams.

What is the appropriate vocabulary in blood bowl if you want to talk about specific teams and general teams? Are the words teams (for single teams) and races (for general teams) ok?

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I think this would be a really nice thing to have in-game. As @Arne says, goblinspy allows you to do it from mordrek's database.

As for vocabulary, I don't know if there's a standard manner but I tend to try to talk about "races" when talking generic such as Orc, and "teams" when talking specific, such as Orcland Raiders. Also, a "player" is an Orc on the team, and the person moving the players around from the comfort of his chair is the "coach".

It's absolutely needed. It's frustrating to have to resort to third party websites or searching for the information yourself on the leaderboard...

Yes, thank you for your comments. I already mentioned goblinspy in my original post, but I guess it can't be mentioned enough as it is a very helpful supplement to the game. Thanks to Mordred!

That being said, it appears that for once we are all in agreement on this issue. Huzzah!

Netheos, I think the ball is in your court now 😉

+1 this is an absolute must with the way Champs works

This would indeed be a very neat option.

I came to the forums to suggest this very thing!

Plleeeeeeeaaaaaase make it so we can filter the CCL leaderboard by race -- I think it would have a really positive effect on the game, as the enhanced sense of competition would inspire people to play more.

+1. The whole leaderbord table could really use some filtering options.

In the case someone doesnt know:
U can find ur own team(s) with the surch-option. i just recently noticed this


This is really needed. I know a privat league in BB2 that does that already with its own OPEN league : means it must be doable for Cyanide.

At least on the forum if complicated IG.

Hi guys, it's noted on the community wishlist. I fully agree that he would be pretty handy , especially for the Champion Ladder leaderboard. It depends on potential future content updates.

@ungern said in Allow race-filtering on the leaderboard:

At least on the forum if complicated IG.

Note that it's already available on goblinSpy: