Deluge starting with the UAZ (fast guide)

You cant, i have tried the shallowest routes and is impossible... However since the river pushes you in a specific way you can take advantage of it, shutdown the engine and wait till the current washes you to the next island.

alt text

The driver was ded:
alt text

Since I restarted several times I have noticed that the weather actually changes. Sometimes it was cloudy, sometimes it was sunny, at the exact starting time.

hehe, old trick, but it does work. only you actually have to be a bit careful since the water can push you over so much easier now.

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@8up-local put the truck in the direction of the water

yes i know, but still it can push and turn you crossways sometimes if you encounter an obstacle under the water, which is when you need to be careful.

Now I want to see a guide for the A-968M Zaporozhets. Not sure that would even be possible, but it would be fun to see a video of.

Here is the path I took using the A-469 to get to the northern area where 2 other vehicles seem to usually spawn. I took the spawned vehicles from there to finish the rest of the map (K-700 and D-535). No drifting involved, just went wherever it looked the shallowest and hoped for the best.
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