I got in to the closed beta! But i need help!

So i got into the closed beta, but they tell me to use they key on the account that i applied with and if i dont i will lose the key. Could anyone help me because i got 2 accounts and i dont know thru which did i apply. Please i dont wanna lose this key as ive been really liking and beinging intrested in this game.

Go through your emails and search for fear the wolves beta sign up?

So this morning I received an email from Total war Arena team that stated : ''We are excited to announce that Closed Beta test of Total War: Arena starts on September, 1st, 6pm (UTC) We know you're willing to prove your skill and compete with other commanders on the battlefield. Please complete a short suvey* tell us about you and we'll be happy to invite you in the game!'' I would love to participate in the closed beta since I didn't had the chance to be part of Alpha but it seems that the link inside the email is broken,can someone give me some advice I basically can't do the survey to get an invite,I would like to mention the email isn't on ''spam'' , I don't know what the problem is with the link. Clean Master Facebook Lite Mathway

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@klimbo13 I would go and ask the Total War: Arena team for help 🙂

@mak1sha You can redeem a key on whichever Steam account you'd like, just make sure that you can access it.