Pile on vs bouncing ball and catch

Another clarification is required.
In several occasion i managed to hit a ball carrier with a player with pile on . In BB1 I am sure that the bounce of the ball was done BEFORE having the option to pile on , resulting in some situation in the ball bouncing on the blitzer, and consequently sometime catching the ball. If we were to pile on then it would create a turn over ( drop of the ball).

In BB2 we actually have a different sequence of events . We blitz , block , pile on THEN the ball bounce .

So which order is correct?

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CRP page 11:

If a player carrying the ball is Knocked Down or Placed Prone,
he will drop the ball in the square where he falls. The dropped
ball will bounce one square in a random direction (see Bouncing
Balls, page 13) after the player’s armour and injury rolls (if any)
are fully resolved.

For armour and injury rolls to be fully resolved the decision to PO must be made. BB2's sequence is correct. I don't recall BB1's sequence and no longer have it installed.

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