4 Divisions of 2-10 teams each, of which the top 2 of each division qualify for the Final competition for the Warhammer World Cup. This means that each team will play between 3 and 7 games depending on the size of their initial division and subsequent win-rate.

Each coach may draft up to 2 (1k) teams, but no more than 1 per division. Divisions are as follows, but are subject to discussion, argument, and change:

Northlands & Great Ocean: Chaos, Kislev, Ogre, Chaos Dwarves, Norse, Pro Elf

Southlands & Badlands: Tomb Kings, Skaven, Orcs, Undead, Dwarf, Underworld

Old World & East: Humans, Bretts, W.Elves, Nurgle, Halflings, Necromantic

Ulthuan & New World: H.Elves, D.Elves, Lizardmen, Amazons, Vampires, Goblins

We'll be using Discord for match planning and trash-talking, so come on in! https://discord.gg/vKEf2fM

The competition is named Warhammer World Cup '17 in BB2 (on PC) and registration ends Friday, 11/17 @ 11:59pm EST. Each round will last 1 week.