Fear The Wolves Gameplay Featurettes
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Hi everyone,

We're happy to kick-off a series of short video presenting more info about Fear The Wolves in the run-up to the Early Access release, later this summer.

Welcome to Chernobyl. Parachute into our first Fear The Wolves gameplay featurette to discover the striking atmosphere of this post-apocalyptic Battle Royale.
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What are your win conditions? Check out the Evacuation gameplay, where players can escape the battlefield via helicopter. Find out how players have been taking on the extraction, and ways to beat them.
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Learn more about the wolves. Will you run? Or will you risk defending yourself, revealing your position and using up precious ammo?
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You’ll need everything you can find to survive. In our latest featurette, learn the benefits of each of the consumables scattered in the devastated environments of Chernobyl!
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In Fear The Wolves the weather is ever-changing, influenced by the votes of spectating players. Discover today how different weather types have a direct impact on gameplay and may force you to change up your strategy for survival.
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Radiation, wolves, anomalies... multiple hazards choke the map in Fear The Wolves, pushing players closer together in a non-linear way.
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