Gauging interest - AUS/NZ/SEA perpetual Premier League

I had an idea for a perpetual league so thought I'd throw it out there to see if there's any interest in it. League would work as follows:

  • All teams are mixed race to encourage off season trading

  • At season end, all teams must have at least two vacancies on their list (you can only carry 14 players into the next season)

  • There will be three 8-team competitions (tentatively Bronze, Silver and Gold) in round robin format who will then play finals (1v4, 2v3, WvW). In addition, a Wissen tournament will be held concurrently (up to 128 teams) for new teams that wish to join the league or teams that weren't able to secure a spot in the primary competition.

  • The winners of the Wissen, Bronze and Silver comps will receive a ticket to upgrade to the next tier comp next season, while the two lowest ranking teams from Gold, Silver and Bronze will be relegated to the lower league for next season.

  • A separate knockout will be held for all teams in the league to fill the remaining spots in the main competition. Gold knockout would be first, costing 40 Cyans entry, followed by Silver at 20 and Bronze at 10. Money raised in these tournaments will become the prize money for the respective leagues the following season. All teams are eligible unless they hold a ticket to the current or higher. This will occur after the trade period and resurrection mode will be on for these tournaments.

  • Ladder is available with resurrection mode on and ageing off, for playing friendlies against others in the league. This will reset after every season (so the trade period can open).

  • Regular weekend tournaments to be held with a Cyan entry fee and prize money, resurrection mode and no ageing for these games.

What do people think about that sort of format?

Sounds great. I'd be keen.

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