Initial feedback - items to fix

First off, I'm really excited to see where this game goes STALKER was a beautiful game and had all the right "feels."

  • Lag/desync. The game is incredibly rough even for closed beta. It should at least be playable in its current state, but the lag and desync are worse than PUBG. A game should never be worse than PUBG.

  • Combat and movement is too loose. Everything feels like I'm walking through mud. Turning corners feels like a drunken stagger at 3am.

  • Footsteps are almost impossible to hear in this game. I've had people and dogs sneak up directly behind me without hearing a sound, and it ain't my headset. I hear things just fine in PUBG.

  • Loot spawn. Right now is not the time to balance loot spawn tables. Right now is the time to get your community to test weapon balance and create engagements. I can loot an entire village and find one single pistol, which is awful. I've played a few hours and not found a single AR so far. Two matches I found SMGs. Let us play with the guns and test them out.

  • Extraction is way too hard. If you want to leave the extraction point in the game, fine - don't make it take so long that you discourage actually using this mechanic. As it is, you take 10s to grab onto a rope, then another ~30s for the wench to pull you up.. all while not being able to move or shoot. What players are doing instead, is just sitting there camping the extraction point until everyone else is dead, making that mechanic moot. I should point out the 30s extraction timer makes you completely vulnerable as you are pulled into the air (making you an easy target). What I propose is remove the initial 10s timer, make the extraction time ~15s, and give the players the ability to shoot their gun as they dangle from the rope Rambo-style. Everyone already knows where you are to begin with, and you're an easy target being hoisted into the air.

  • Vehicles. They are incredibly slow, handle very poorly, and can't accelerate up a hill, which is unacceptable. They do zero damage to wolves, so I'm assuming they do zero damage to players as well (haven't been able to run anyone over yet). Vehicles need a total rework.

  • HUD. We need a compass and a graphic overlay for your squad mates (at minimum: who's in your squad and their health).

  • Parachuting. Right now there's no reason to pull early, because you can't really float at all..? There needs to be a way to "long drop" if you want to go further, because right now you're limited to a fairly small portion around the path of the chopper.

More items from day two:

  • Unable to rebind crouch to C. The only way crouch works is if I rebind it back to Ctrl.

  • Tried to put a 4x ACOG onto a sniper rifle (forget the name - it was a bolt action 7.62 rifle with 10 round mag), but it wouldn't allow it to be equipped.

  • Certain areas of the map have zero loot (like the vehicle graveyard).

  • When I drop a weapon it should empty the ammo into my inventory and leave the weapon on the ground with 0 ammo.

  • Remove the anomalies that are insta-death. In BR nothing is more frustrating than randomly dying immediately to a game mechanic. It's like the red zone in PUBG, which everyone agrees adds zero strategic value, yet has 100% potential of pissing off your players.

  • Remove music/ambient noises in-game. There's absolutely no reason there should be random music or creepy sounds in a competitive MP shooter. Leave those for single player.

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