When will you support a xbox one x with 4k ?

First thank you for support console Especially xbox one
me and five of my friends we brought the xbox one x and we hope to support the console soon if you can with 4k or 4k dynamic with 60fps
Thank you guys 🙂

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the game will be amazing in 4k i wish to update soon

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If it supports 4k-60fps
I will buy it for sure

Please make this game run in 4k/60

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I hope if they can bring two options and we choose between them 4k@30 fps or 4k dynamic@60fps
its will be great job from them

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yes we really need 4k@60 suuport

the game will be amazing in 4k i wish to update soon

please support the game soon in x 1 x

Please if you can enhance the game on X1X i'll be proud to pick it up again.

Agreed!! It would be awesome if we can play the game 4K running 60 FPS !!

On PC I'm running this game at 4K right now. Performance is fine (at least on a 1070), the main problem is that the UI isn't designed for 4K. It ends being blurry and pixelated and honestly doesn't look that great.

@gamer1000k Thank you for the value information

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