Minimum number of games for qualifying CCL?

It may be a non-issue, haven't checked the statistics on that one, but it seems weird to me that theoretically someone with a low number of games (say 10 or so) who had a good streak can lead for their race while someone else who played more and also has 10 wins, but also some others lags significantly behind.

Shouldn't the number of games play a bigger factor somehow?

My suggestion would be to require 20 games played as a minimum to qualify. That's still less than half than the 42 games after which the record is mostly stable but it would force the qualifiers to show a really consistent record.

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Leading for a while isn't particularly relevant: the standings at the end of the season are what matters.

Other than stunties the average games for a qualifier is about 30 anyway. We're adjusting the ranking formula to account for the stunty issue.

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