Extraction becomes a battle of Who has collected the MOST heals?!

I've played a few games, and every time I was killed, I spectated until the end.

In ALL the matches, it came down to 1 person either hiding in the extraction marker smoke or in a nearby bush, never leaving cover, constantly topping up health (from the constant environmental damage) while picking off the remaining players as they ascended the rope to the helicopter. They wont move until they are completely out of heals and have no choice but climb the rope

Basically, the end of each game was ONLY won / lost by amount of heals available..
Lots of heals available = hide in cover and pick off players ascending the rope (shooting fish in a barrel?)
No heals available = have NO CHOICE but to climb the rope to certain death.

The end game as it stands doesn't necessarily come down to skill...but DEFINITELY comes down to who has stockpiled the most heals during the match.

yep they haven't really thought out that part at all.