Hi devs! I was eager to try this beta, and i got the code. After sucessful install i ran the game and went to setting to set my key bindings. Theres multiple problems there. It includes the arrow keys appear like this after i set it: alt+up, alt+ any key. I cant set right shift as run, right ctrl as crouch and so. When i go in the game my arrow keys turn me right and left, and aint strafe, and i cant jump oout the heli cause my delete putton doesnt work the jump out of it. 'alt+del' Unless you guys doesnt fix this i wont be able to play the game for testing. By the way, it even slow on loading and so. I have a high end gamer config, so thats not the issue.
"i7 7700k, 16gb 3000mhz ram, nvidia 1080 8gb"