Register for the Closed Multiplayer Beta!

Yeah I would also like to know if I got in or not. 😃

Hi everyone, sadly we had to iron out some last remaining issues before having a version for the Closed Beta, meaning the opening of the Beta will be next week! Sorry about that but it's for the best 🙂

Registered. Looking forward to seeing your take on Necrons!

Le regestered 😛 Lemme get my hands on them "Flagships"

Sorry it took me so long to register, I hope I still make it!

Work has been hell recently with 5 days for 12 hours since we are understaffed, but it is getting fixed in a few days and I'll be free-r in a week!

Would love to get a chance to test it. I loved the first game, this is the last 40k game series i have faith in.

I registered. Let's see what happens this time around. Def not holding my breath.

It would be nice to stress test the multiplayer a bit, hopefully we can have some big battles ❤

Thanks for the update!
Been staring at an empty inbox all week hoping for an email from Focus :3

Also same as that other guy I have a laptop with higher specs than my desktop I submitted, this ones graphics is on the fence, but ram and CPU are up too snuff. Still tho I could test on both, I want the game to be GOOOOOD ❤ @Netheos

Lastly Netheos which faction are you most excited to play?

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Also @Netheos in addition to the pair of high and low spec pcs I have I also can set the broadband speed connection to test high speed and low speed networks, just a heads up, looking forward to seeing how this one compares to the last!

Half the forum users are now sweating buckets awaiting their letter to hogwarts HERESY.
It would be appreciated if you could let us know when they've been sent out so we don't spend weeks in endless agony :,(

@caliger_reborn he is looking for a way to stop checking his mail every 2minutes
instead checking the forum
dont know why thats less effo... (one moment, busy checking my mail) rt

PLEASEEEEEEEEE when the weekend or weekday im going insane

only 1 day before the weekend, can we expect some news 😎 😎

a trailer for those who won't get into the beta would be pretty cool too!

Will we be told when the emails have gone out so we can seek the omnissiah's forgiveness accept that we didn't make it?



^///^ sorry little excited since i got my code

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@captain-caboose see you on the battlefield battlespace brother, praise be the emperor!