Weapon Damage seems broken

Maybe also the Hiboxes or the Peer to Peer connection is not working properly?

Enjoying the Game so far, much wins already but what happend is really annoying o:

Video of the current Problem

PS: Have a look at the Bullets in the Magazine aswell.

Cheers 💪


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Hey there,

It seems like this may be due to the desync issues we're encountering. Ill pass your video along to the team.

I'll allow myself to hop into this topic. I just had a quick match, me and one other dude landed in same town. I quickly got a two-shot shotgun and a pistol. He had some kind of submachinegun. We found eachother in one building and started shooting. I got him with like 5-6 shots from shotgun from point-blank. After that he escaped outside where I followed him and changed to pistol. Hit him with another 5-6 shots and couldn't kill him. All shots had blood coming out of him, so I assumed they were hits. He however, got me with just several single SMG shots without any trouble. That's a bit demotivating

it's like what i experienced, but i unloaded multiple clips on the enemy up front to the face. i get hit twice with the axe and i'm dead after unloading the clips? definitely an issue.