I will complete this list as complete and organized as I can to better ensure they be addressed.

  • Parking brake releases when exiting Advanced mode and when attaching a winch. Parking Brake should be persistent.
  • Rock Textures change shape and allow wheels to pass through (Every Rock Texture allows this, not isolated)
  • Milestones are unlocked in game but not unlocking achievements.

*Unloading Garage Parts on B66 removes fuel and Utility points stored. Please fix to only remove Garage Parts.

*Resetting Crane, or Packing Logs before passing ownership of logs loaded onto other trucks causes other logs to fall through on to the ground.


  • Jack knifing doesn't cause damage, this hasn't been a thing, but should

  • Harcore has challenging aspects, but feels lacking. Should be more lumber Mills, less log kiosks. Hardcore only maps with harder, longer routes are my suggestion.

*Multiplayer makes everything too easy. Suggest MP only maps that are much bigger, requiring multiple people/routes

*Multiple winch points for vehicles only, two trucks should be able to pull another, but no winching two trees.