Closed Beta End of Day 2

Hi everyone,

End of day 2 for our Closed Beta!

We released our first update at noon (see patch log here) to fix some of the most urgent technical issues that you reported yesterday.

Thanks once again for your feedback and reports as they're the grassroots of our upcoming updates. Our current priority is to iron out server issues as much as possible for the Early Access release next week. Expect very regular updates throughout the week based on your reports.


We're currently testing a new update for the Beta when publishing this message. Depending on how the testing process goes, we'll release it either today or tomorrow morning - expect a short downtime to deploy the patch! (5-10 minutes maximum)

Please find the second patchnote below:

  • Show ping on screen during a match.
  • Show ping in the Main Menu to all servers.
  • Auto-select the best region based on User ping on client launch.
  • Simplified helicopter extraction.
  • Fixed camera angles during parachuting.

We'd also like to encourage you to use the servers of your region (NA or EU) - you can set it up in the bottom right of the main menu. Note that we're working on bringing Asia servers - they should arrive in a couple of days!

See you in the Zone,
Fear The Wolves Team

Will there be another closed beta test day?