I think it's possible. I think that PubG is a game with a great concept, some questionable design choices, and a terrible execution. I like that Wolves is attempting to move in a good direction and remove the artificial timer of the circle and replace it with the chopper. I think it's a good improvement. I'm willing to tolerate the wimpy feeling guns and the janky camera control, those are things that can easily be improved. But here's thing thing. PubG runs like trash on both low end and high end systems. One of the reasons that people play Fortnite and still play dead games like H1Z1 is that they run fairly okay on most machines.

It's great that you guys are trying to compete directly with PubG in the niche they inhabit, but all you really have to do to accomplish that is create a game that runs okay and doesn't feel rediculously lurchy. I have a massive amount of respect for game developers. It's a tough job to have with all of the hard parts of software engineering, art creation, and game theory wrapped into one package. With that said, the STALKER games are hacky and buggy as heck. They essentially require the community made modifications to be playable. That's why the games have sold. They're easy to mod and they have a cool idea that's worth working on tools that will help the idea break the constraints of the mediocre programming that's holding it back.

You can't do that here. This is going to be an online only multiplayer game. There's no room to rely on the community to help out and pick up any slack with the game you're making here.

I'm just some dude, so I'm not expecting you to run this recommendation up the flagpole here, but selling this game in a week in this state is going to be a massive mistake that will ensure the death of this project before it even begins. This feels like an ultra early alpha for the game. Nobody is going to pay more than a cool fiver for this experience. If they do end up buying it, all but the most self deluded are going to refund it. I don't mean this to be cruel. I want to be honest with you.

In the game's current state, it should release in early access for free, or a nominal fee of $5 (that would go toward the purchase of the game at time of release). People are going to feel cheated otherwise.