Disappointed of the End-Game. Waiting for more. My feedback on Bugs/Glitches/Performance/Gameplay.

Alright, so my system is:

-OS: Windows 10 Pro (64-bit)
-MOTHERBOARD: ASRock Motherboard x399 Taichi
-CPU: AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X (16 Cores / 32 Threats)
-RAM: G.SKILL FLARE-X Quad-Channel (4x8) 32GB - 3200Mhz CL14
-GPU: Gigabyte Aorus NVIDIA 1080 Ti XTREME 11GB

(All updated with latest drivers. No overclocks)

Ok, so I played a bit. I had in my mind to make a video for my YT channel, but I didn't because there's some issues here and I hope the developers actually take notes of them.The performance is honestly not good. Major frame drops, hiccups, sudden freezes (usually when the weather changes) and 2 hard crashes.
I know, its closed beta, I understand, and that's why I feel the need to mention them. I do not recommend going into open beta in this state.

-I had guy running inside a house and then pass me, with no footstep sounds. None. Doesn't matter the surface he was walking on, if he was running or crouching.

-I found a glitch to run faster. I am not going to say here how I stumbled upon it, because I don't want people to abuse it. But its there.
-Also, my game crashed 2 times. The second time I spawned half body inside the map. I was a dwarf!
-I found an airdrop with some sort of drops, hazmat suit or w/e...Anyway, I picked it up, but the item stayed on the crate. Not sure if it was actually duplicated or not, but I was seeing two of them.
-Dropping with parachute, landing near a door on the roof and pressing F to open the door before you actually land. I've done it, and It just destroys the game. The screen keeps flickering like I'm Standing/Crouching very fast. After a while in the game I started to spam crouch and It got fixed.

-Really really disappointed. I was trying to survive until the end, waiting for this amazing "Final Battle" moment, and suddenly I got a message that the game was finished, someone got to the helicopter. That was completely anti-climax. Don't you feel the game should finish with a bang? a highlight? a fight? someone was just there before anyone else and the game is done. It just doesn't make sense. That is not challenging at all.
-Guns...ah...well, I guess it takes 20 bullets to kill someone. Would love to have something a bit more realistic than that...wouldn't you? Also, we could use a few more guns in it.
-Wolves. Ok. So thats the name of the game. Well, I wasn't really afraid of them to be honest. They were there, I shot them.I moved on and that was it. 😛

-Graphics settings should be extended before release to larger crowd.
-FOV slider is a must.
-Mouse sensitivity for ADS, General, Driving should be added asap. Also invert mouse.
-Cannot rebind crouch to "C" instead of Left CTRL. You can, but It will not work in-game. I haven't tested the other keybinds if they have the same problem.
-No Prone?
-Vaulting over simple obstacles like short fences and rocks should be in.
-On highest settings the terrain looks like it has some "water effect" or distortion. Probably something with the game weather or environment but it is really hard to look at it, it makes you dizzy and gave me a headache after only a few minutes.
-De-sync and lag, I had no problem picking up things, it was instant. But shooting was a different story, bullets seem to hit instantly but the death animation was after a few secs.
-Toggle/Hold options for Crouch/Run/ADS.
-Mouse pointer can move to my second monitor when I open the map in game, even if its Fullscreen or not.
-Screen freezes for few seconds when you exit the plane. And when you land on the ground.

That's all for now, I will play some more even tho I don't really find the End-Game exciting.
Honestly I like the setup and the atmosphere of the game but maybe it is a bit early for open beta. Of course, that is your call.

Thank you for your time, good luck with the game!✌

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