So far, the game has potential. BUT, it seriously needs a huuuuge amount of work. It needs to be optimized better first of all. Servers need tons of work. Graphics are meh. If you’re trying to compete with PUBG or any other battle royale, you seriously need to step up your game. It took 45 minutes in matchmaking to even start loading in. Upon loading in, I was frozen in the sky for about 8 minutes. Then when I finally got to the ground, I was killed by another player. While I was frozen in a lag. Mind you, I have a fairly decent pc and fiber optic internet. You guys have TONS of work ahead of you. If you go into open beta like this, your game will fail. Very quickly.
I will be posting after each patch to update. But as for now, I won’t be playing until another patch is released. This far, to be honest, it’s been garbage.