Errors when map editing - Is there a way to use the 32bit version still?

Just discovered map editing a few days ago, loving it! (much more satisfying than beamng!)
Am i posting on the right forum!?

It seems the new editor (maybe also the old one) gives me errors when loading my levels.
"Cannot open file prebuild\common\occlusion_house.tga
at C;\dev\sources\combine\resourcesdx9.inl,51" etc... approx 8 files - do not show again etc.

Also when zooming out to see the whole map. Which I do unintentionally alot.
I get errors (that I have to restart the editor) Something about lod (level of detail?)

Is there a way to run the old editor? Maybe a switch in a shortcut or something.
Even when running the old exe file it still runs the 64 bit version. (unless im missing something)

I was really enjoying the map editing til this! 😞

Issue solved! hahaha cheers!