Support for arrow key gamers

Some people likes to play with the arrow keys, i am on of them, even if some people cant understand. I always hate it, when games doesnt allow to proper remap all keys. In some cases i need to use external tools to remap keys.

In FTW i can remap WASD to the arrow keys. Nice, if there wouldnt be the problem that A and D are also maped to looking around, eben if you remap starfe left and right to it. This means you turn around while strafeing. Even with external remapers i could not fix this means you force me to play WASD in which i suck. This makes the game unplayable for me and most likely all the other arrow key players out there. I know we are a minority, buts its really not so hard to think about your players who prefer other key layouts. I hope this will be fixed soon, otherwise i will need to give this game a pass, even if it looks promising.

With best regards,

Hi Kensone!

I'm not sure i'm understanding the issue here, could you explain again, please?

The left and right arrow keys are bound to look around (to left and right). If you now bind strafe left on arrow left you strafe left while turning left at the same time.

Best you try it out