Hi there everyone! First of all i would like to thank all the devs of this game for creating an amazing concept in the BR genre. I like the gameplay and the way guns feel in this game. Also i definitely think this game has potential if done right.

So now to list my feedback:

Sounds: The game is missing a lot of sounds. Things like opening doors, punching, picking up items, enemy player footsteps. These things all need to be audible, especially in a competitive game like this.

Performance: The game when it runs it runs ok on my rig about 70-80 fps, but the constant dips make it a nightmare to play. Although i realize this is beta and optimization is being worked on constantly.

Camera: We absolutely need free look . Makes it much easier to run and look around you.

Server performance: Definitely need some work as well, but like i said it's beta and i hope it's being worked on.

Vehicles: Some cars work, some don't for some reason. When you jump into a car that's "broken" the car just starts rubberbanding all over the place.

Mouse sensitivity: You need to make ADS and Free look cam same sensitivity or make 2 separate settings.

And that about does it. Everything else is absolutely amazing. I really hope you make this game amazing as it can be. Peace!

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