Dual screen problems

I have nvidia gfx (btw cannot attach txt info file), with DSR enabled. Problems:

  1. main screen shows on the wrong monitor (although loading screen seems to be shown on primary screen)
  2. somehow I managed to put it in windowed state and move on the primary screen
  3. after next lunch I needed to do it all over again.
  4. at some point, next lunch ended centering main screen in the center of both monitors, one half on one, the other on the second), as I have different resolutions on each of them, that caused a problem. I couldn't move the window to the right screen anymore (actually I could but then havoc started). When I focus main window, on a second it's show, but gets minimized to tray. Clicking to tray icon app, gets shown on a second on the right monitor, but after a second again minimized to tray.
  5. killing app, gets me to the same point from 1.

In case you need more info let me know.


I'm having the same exact issue, it shows up on my non-primary monitor with no way to change it. Windowed mode does fix it temporarily but I've had the game crash on me (just straight quit) a few times randomly when I do this when it hadn't before (assuming it's related.)

since all updates, I still have some problems.. Is seems settings are being saved, but...
After I restart the game I get initial screen like in the picture attached.
Main game window, is presented on the center of the whole desktop window (D1+D2 = Desktop resolution), so its split on both screens.
As you can see, D1(Main desktop) D2(secondary desktop), red line is split between them.
D1 = 1680x1050
D2 = 2036 x 1273 (DSR enabled)
Every time I need to drag the window to D1.
NOTE: D1 is plugged in secondary gfx socket, and D2 to primary gfx socket (they are set in windows 10 as D1 to be number 1, and D2 to be number 2)

0_1533371445228_FTW -dual sceen.png

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