This animal?

Can we get any info on this animal in particular? I've seen them in a couple pictures and now this recent video. For now i will call them lizard doggies. 🙂

alt text

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Hi Sir Dell and thanks a lot for your interest.

Unfortunately, we won't be able to give you more informations for now about animals and creatures in GreedFall. What I can say to you is that these lizards are common on the island.


Animal & Creature? that mean normal animal will have some room in Greedfall right?

Hi BenIIChat,

It's just genreric words, animal would be more these lizards (anything consistent with real life, even if they don't really exist) and creature will be more mystical, magical beings (like the one in the trailer). But honnestly, that's just my wording, don't overthink that 🙂

Thanks !

@mariecécile-jacq thank you for the response. 🙂

can you have them sport armor with glass or sharp weaponry? guns? cannons?
its not fair to have enemies without dangerous weapons or protection, its where most video games fail, the players get strong but the creatures become weak and unchallenging as the players level up, making the game very unreplayable. So please equip the enemies with useful weapon/armors and magical enhancements, something like a magical barrier could do just fine for now.

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armor ideas for enemies
interesting chains add character.
armor protects against sword or close range attacks, or bullets/magic/explosions.

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makes for a more dangerous enemy to add weapons, and armor and longer fights/rewards.
future reference.

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I hope that the lizards can dodge bullets or at least have magic properties, like a barrier against bullets that shatters after a few melee attacks, or some fast movement/agility to outrun players or escape. The game can be dead quickly if the enemies can't keep up with leveling players, adding armor, or weapons on the creatures and giving them magic or good deal of agility/parry maneuvers should elongate and make the game very replayable, i seen it done in games like Ninja Gaiden, and other games where the enemies are either well suited or can atleast perform some technique that makes them immune to bullets or physical attacks or they can quickly outrun them with their heightened or mastery of sounds, and the armor will and could break off for materials, and weapons to craft/etc realistically making the game more enjoyable and replayable challenges or task/quest.

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elemental armor on an enemy, the parts can break off to help craft a special suit later...

The very least it would make me happy to see them dodging and outrunning bullets or physical attacks, as some special mechanic that is required to defeat them, we could just say that the armor is beneath the skin, and focus on adding some mechanics and agility instead. O hope i can be of assistance in improving the quality of your ghame universe.

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@mariecécile-jacq said in This animal?:

Unfortunately, we won't be able to give you more informations for now about animals and creatures in GreedFall. What I can say to you is that these lizards are common on the island.

Please tell your artists who created these lizards that they did great job. That design and movement... they look really awesome.

Its little like some prehistoric lizard:

Also those walking giants reminds of the end of this video.. those herds... (I hope its not a problem to post it here, its different genre) + watch?v=2QFffBFXz9Y

Anyway nice work.

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