Hi everyone,

End of our third day of Closed Beta for Fear The Wolves!

We're about to release our third update (see here and here for yesterday's updates). Thanks once again for the massive amount of feedback and reports we received - we now have a good idea of what you like in our take on the Battle Royale genre, and what needs more work!

As we've read a lot of comments and questions about the extraction system at the end of each game, we created a short videos to introduce in detail how it works and give you some hot tips for winning - enjoy!

Youtube Video

Please find below today's patch log:

  • Increased footstep volume.
  • Fixed a bug with footsteps while holding 2 handed weapons.
  • Made it so that players can only choose one server region.
  • Add a function to determine your closest region based on ping when launching the game.
  • Added more Client and Server crash fixes.

As yesterday, expect a short downtime to deploy the patch (5-10 minutes maximum).

We'll be closing the Beta tomorrow (Friday, at 7pm CEST) to work on your feedback and prepare a big update addressing the largest issues you reported. This includes but is not limited to the hit registration and early game server performance problems.

Thanks again,
The Fear The Wolves Team

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