No starting truck in custom map.

All of a sudden after I start adding MUD to my level my active vehicle is no longer active.
Testing my level I am now asked to 'Choose at least one starting truck to begin the game!'
My map has four vehicles with only one active.

Deleting all trucks and adding only one active makes no difference.
Rebuilding terrain does nothing.

64bit editor please!!!

Ive been playing thas map for weeks as I work on it with NO mud painted on the level. Mud has broken my level once before when I began adding it in the old editor.

I cannot fix this!

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Zaz968m seems to be the issue with my level.
Making it active results in a level with no start vehicle leaving it unplayable.

I went ahead and added one of every vehicle to my level including two zaz. No issues until I change the active vehicle to a zaz. Repeatable.

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There are "starting vehicles" and "the rest", basically those you can set as starting vehicles (it is possible to choose them from menu) and ZAZ is one of the others I think.
So it is not generally a bug but the feature...

I hope these images give you a better understanding of my problem.

First image I changed the active vehicle from uaz469_roof to the zaz968m.

2nd image. No vehicle and cannot even start the map.

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For some reason I am unable to see your pictures.
ZAZ CAN'T be starting vehicle (for some reason, its given by DEVs)
As starting vehicle you can set just some of those you can see in menu of vehicles.

Sorry files were private.

The thing is. I had the zaz as the only start vehicle for the map and it worked until I added mud to the map.

Oh well.

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