DLC coming to console??

I heard there is going to be a new dlc coming... Idk if its true so i came here to see if it was...

... And what did you find out ?

Nothing because nobody replyed lmao

from holiday wishlist thread

Netheos Community Manager 16 Nov 2017, 15:35 reply quote

Hi, thanks for the kind words! We released a first update on consoles (patchnote here) and we plan a bigger bug fix update with a few requested features before the end of the year.

If the holidays you're talking about are Christmas holiday, your wish might come true 🙂 We'll keep you updated about that!

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@Yo-Dude: Umm, I just realized you said
Threat instead of Thread XD

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@thundersnow68 whoops sorry my bad. English is not my native language so i might misspell some words.

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