So here I am at day three of testing. I note another update released since yesterday so I was keen to test this.

Straight off the bat I would like to say thankfully footsteps are now fixed (sort of), however I feel they are too loud. Also, something weird happens with my own players footsteps. When moving around and panning left & right looking for enemy players etc my own footsteps are heard often just in the left or fight ear and makes it sound like an enemy player nearby.

Matchmaking was good today, found a match in about 30 seconds!

Initial jump out of the helicopter freezes & takes a good 5-10 seconds after pressing F to allow you to do anything. Is our character falling in game while this time elapses? It seems as though they do as when I can move I seem very close to ground.

Driving vehicles is still a stuttering, jerky mess & hard to control as a result, vehicles seem far too gutless on hills, coming to a crawl at times which leave you vulnerable.

Overall visibility in the game is difficult. I assume it is for atmospheric effect, but the haze that is so often around makes it hard to see enemy players and wolves. Is it necessary to this degree?

I am now going to list some points, both good & bad, sometimes with suggestions. I realise that a lot of this is probably already waiting to be implemented or in process as it's early on, but still:

  • Menu/Lobby & UI seems fine, I'd like to see a FPS cap though, who needs 150+ FPS in the lobby? Let's give our GPU's a break between matches!

  • Sprint, Crouch, Aim should have the ability to toggle or hold

  • Menu/Lobby music & the in-game music should be adjustable & have the ability to mute

  • I would like to see in the settings more options such as, FOV/Anti-Aliasing options/Seperate sensitivity for movement, ADS, Scopes etc/Max FPS options.

  • Freelook! Please! So important for assessing surroundings while parachuting & moving around the map.

  • Better optimisation, micro-stuttering is often bad, rubberbanding & flickering image often with lag spikes & large FPS drops often. I know some optimisation is there as I see certain foliage rendering in front of me by what looks to be only a couple of meters and then render out again when I'm past. This looks kinda weird that it happens this way, normally that would render in further away from the player so we don't see it render in and out.

  • Graphics are nice so far, obviously there is still work to do, textures sometimes aren't great and many world objects you can pass straight through.

  • I LIKE how when you are behind an object or wall, when you approach it the player raises the weapon above the object so you can still fire over the cover, this is excellent and absent in many games.

  • Inventory system currently is very poor, clunky to use and aesthetically unpleasing on the eye. I would like to see a much better inventory system, with small images of the actual weapons not outline images.

  • Footsteps: Great, we have footsteps now, (I note the update made them louder too) but they are now too loud and my own players footsteps seem to sound like someone is around me to each side and behind all the time. Hard to know if a player is approaching or if it's just my own footsteps. Please fix this soon!

  • No prone stance! We need this ability in a game like this.

  • Rain is a bit too loud, also the rain when inside buildings sounds exactly the same as when you are outside. It should sound quieter and muffled when inside buildings.

  • When wolves attack maybe they should make a snarling noise when they see you and start running at you as sometimes they are very hard to see in long grass.

I am looking forward to testing some more, for now that is my feedback so far after day 3.


Intel I7-8700K @ 5.1GHz
64 GB Corsair 3200MHz DDR4
Gigabyte Aorus Z370 Gaming 5 Mobo
ASUS ROG Strix 1080ti 11GB DDR5 OC
Samsung Pro M.2 NVMe SSD Drives
Windows 10 Pro 64bit

Internet connection:


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