So i started playing the beta of the game and i really hope they dont release the game next week. It still is full of glitches and a awful game.

Let's begin with the top 4 problems with this game.

  1. The damage system of this game is awful. It seems like you arent doing any real damage to a person and the damage system which i can compare with the one of Fortnite doesnt fit a realistic based game like this. I saw that the sniper did 0 damage on the enemy, because i headshotted another player 3 times in the head and he kept shooting at me asif i didn't hit him WHEN i saw blood coming of his face. Another player got shot 2 times in the chest and still survived too and managed to kill me after it. Also melee damage of the fists is way too high. If someone is shooting at you you are better off switching to your fists and zig zagging to the enemy and kill them that way with the 30 damage a punch. There are still way too many problems in the damage system but i must keep it short.

  2. The chances of finding a good gun in this game is low as fuck. Most of the game you are stuck with a handgun (lets say 60-70% of the game). Most of the time you just camp 2 players fighting, wait for one to loot and then kill him and take all their loot. I expected to find a assault rifle as fast as i do in PUBG but that wasnt the case.

  3. The is game is way too laggy to be even called a pre alpha! And you are already calling it a beta? You should not do that. The driving mechanics of the cars in the game are bad, when you jump out the helicopter, you character freezes mid air and then continues sky diving, when you are playing the game in general dont expect to hit a higher fps then 40 and the looks of the game are awfull as well. It really hurt my eyes looking at the screen and you arent able to focus because of the laggy and low quality gameplay. I dont know if they are going to fix the sound issue aswell, cause im not able to hear the enemy's footsteps.

  4. The animations. I thought this game would be really good in animations but damn it looks like some colleage project. The animations of the player and the wolves are awfull. I didnt feel the need to run away from these buggy wolves and i found that the players in the game dont move realsticly. It's all just fake movement and should be made better.

So overall if you are still reading (hi), the game is just awful and looks like a pre alpha. Knowing that its releasing next week is a big problem. The game shouldnt release and they should wait probaly half a year to release the game, NOT NEXT WEEK! I would not recommend this game to anyone if they are thinking to buy it, because its nothing like the trailer and gameplay trailer showed. There are so many problems, i didnt even know where to begin with.