Many monthes after he released (and after many games with him), I give some feelings about the chaplain class.
First of all, THANKS devs for the chaplain!!! 🙂

(I post the same message on steam a couple of minutes ago)

  • According to the lore, Crozius is an energetic weapon. I don't understand why it has NO AOE and (specialy) NO anti armor damage. I understand it's not as powerful as the thunderhammer. But It should be more powerfull than it is.
  • Moreover, chaplain has 3 special skills... hu.... devs, you are greedy! Chaplain is a close combat leader! A 4th skill upgrading the whole squad melee capacity (damage and/or speed) for a while would be welcome!! And even a 5th allowing terminators staying alive during a while after their life reach "0" (As if they were kept alive by their faith.... before dying... or not if the apothecary heals before the end of the skill. Imagine the tactical value!). We can imagine a 6th: during a while (pretty long) terminator's stamina doesnt decrease during the run (perfect for rushing foes or tactical movements). Chaplain player should choose 3 skills among 6 (or more!!) and it would enhance his gameplay and his tactical value.... and it would give him a better role. Currently, he's just a better version of tactical terminator indeed.
  • Hu, last thing: I think Hellfire should be available to chaplain.

Thanks for reading (and, again for adding the chaplain!! 🙂 )

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