YouTube Posting

Not sure who this guy is, but I'm pretty sure that he is not allowed to be sharing confidential information like recording the gameplay. At one point in the video he does state the following:

'You guys can see that there was one point in the video I think the only kill with hipfire that I actually missed my first couple shots you can see that I wasn't adjusting because of the angle I was looking down'. This is clearly stating that the video he is sharing, breaching a legally binding contract is his own, and not any teasers that 'New World Interactive' may have released previously. I don't mean to be the 'Focus Police' 😉

I think this was from him playing at E3. NWI/Focus had alot of YouTubers there recording gameplay, to help promote the game. 👍

This stuff is fine. he's just speculating and showing older E3 footage.