Question about the game

I am interested in purchasing the game but i have several questions first.
Is the game worth it ?

How is the new loot system working?

Is the game still active on ps4? (Ex. Will i be able to find matchmaking game.

Is the game worse than vermintide 1? (Theres no vermintide 2 yet on ps4 and the first one is 20$ right now on psn)

I would prefer a fps shooter instead of the melee action of vermintide.

Ty for your time.

Buenas compañero, mi opinión es ahora mismo que tengo el vermintide y el deathwing, sinceramente, el vermintide, y ahora los motivos.
En ps4 el vermintide multijugador va muy bien porque ya tiene su tiempo en el mercado y muchos parches a sus espaldas, y el deathwing desgraciadamente solo lleva un parche desde su salida y no es justamente para reparar el multijugador que va en ps4 muy muy mal en estos momentos como por ejemplo: caidas del servidor, congelaciones, fallos en las armas que no puedes ni disparar, no puedes reaparecer desde la cámara de muerte, tirones, lag, pantallazos azules que cierran el juego, etc.....
Así que sinceramente en estos momentos te recomiendo el vermintide y eso que para mí gustos, me gusta mucho más el deathwing que el vermintide. Saludos y espero haberte ayudado

Good mate, my opinion is right now that I have the vermintide and the deathwing, sincerely, the vermintide, and now the reasons.
In ps4 the multiplayer vermintide goes very well because he already has his time in the market and many patches behind him, and the deathwing unfortunately only has a patch from its output and is not just to repair the multiplayer that goes on ps4 very badly in These moments as for example: server crashes, freezes, failures in the weapons that you can not shoot, you can not reappear from the death chamber, jerks, lag, blue screens that close the game, etc ...
So honestly in these moments I recommend the vermintide and that for me likes, I like much more deathwing than vermintide. Cheers and hope I helped

You prefer deathwing but you recommend vermintide, is that what you said?

Ty for your help

@agent_bro sí, me gusta más el universo y los disparos de DEATHWING que VERMINTIDE, pero como ahora mismo no funciona muy bien el DEATHWING, pues te recomiendo el VERMINTIDE que funciona perfectamente. Saludos

@agent_bro yes, I like the universe more and the DEATHWING shots than VERMINTIDE, but as DEATHWING does not work very well right now, I recommend the VERMINTIDE that works perfectly. regards

Thank you, i have purchased vermintide with your suggestion. I might buy deathwing later if there is a good sale.

idk how someone can say things like worser then vermintide1 cause its one of the best games ever made but ok

buy it on sale i mean i got it on sale for 16 bucks and that nothing for the fun i have yeah your hear right have not had have (140 hours so far)

its a great game but the player base is small but im sure this will be played in 5 years still if there is not a sequel coming out and even then im sure it will be played still like vermintide1