Eternal League - PC - Inducement Phase

Bought the stadium upgrade "Nuffles Altar", but don't get the reduced pricing on star players with my Underworld Denizens team.

A month and absolutely no reaction?

0_1517159569071_2018-01-28 (5).jpg 0_1517159576979_2018-01-28 (1).jpg 0_1517159633188_2018-01-28 (2).jpg 0_1517159635727_2018-01-28 (3).jpg

These are the Standard Prices, double-checked it.

Nothing? Rolling double skulls in Support?

Hello, are you playing in your stadium during the match?

If you're not at home but playing in the stadium of your opponent and he/she doesn't have the same stadium, you won't get the discount.

Yes, I'm fully aware of that and it was the own stadium.